Alexa Dayn


Full Websites

Path to Vitality Acupuncture

Michelle is an amazing acupuncturist and healer who wanted a new website for her Chinese Medicine clinic. She wanted to convey a feeling of vitality, hope, and wellness with her site and branding, and it was important to her to be able to easily share relevant health-related information with current and future clients.

High Tide Salon

A new local beauty salon with a unique aesthetic needed a website for current and future clients to refer to. The ambience of High Tide Salon is relaxed, coastal, and cool, but also professional and high-end, and the site needed to reflect this.

Tom Fillebrown Art

One of my favorite teachers needed a website to showcase his abstract art pieces, and it was an interesting case of synchronicity when my very first web class was assigned his site as a project. A couple years after my less-than-stellar first attempt I decided to start from scratch with the new design, code, and life experience I had gained in the interim. I should probably show it to him one day! 😂🙈

Blue Nami Sushi

I used to eat a lot of sushi back in the day, so for practice I designed and coded a website for one of my favorite sushi restaurants. The ambiance of Blue Nami is really cool because it incorporates authentic Japanese decor with modern pieces and lighting almost reminiscent of a nightclub, and that was my inspiration for this design (along with the fact that the translation of the Japanese word “nami” is “wave”).

PBC Knowledge Base

In 2006 my aunt Vera came very close to dying from a liver disease called primary biliary cholangitis, and she would have if it wasn’t for her daughter donating a portion of her liver (which is a pretty cool story, by the way)! I wanted to learn more about PBC, and found myself motivated to create this site as a way of educating people about this often fatal but sometimes preventable illness.

Imperative Polarities

Long before I started becoming consciously aware of duality or Eastern philosophy, I found myself drawn to the concept of integrated opposites like yin/yang and right brain/left brain. I created this website to explore how the design (right brain) and code (left brain) aspects are more effective when utilized together in a balanced way.

Partial Sites

Websites that are either not fully coded, or ended up staying in the design phase for whatever reason