Alexa Dayn


F-Stop Blues

Tired of feeling alone
Tired of feeling confused
Tired of these F-stop blues

But I still need to hold the light
Add my light to all the dark
It’s why I’m here
So they say
So I believe

But sometimes my light grows weary
Flickering like an old neon sign
Running out of energy
Lacking electricity
Maybe from power shutoffs
Leave it to PG&E

Sometimes my light just loses its capacity
I keep getting burned
Burned for trying
Burned for hoping
Burned for trying too hard
Burned for not trying enough
Burned on the stove

Not always though
Still have a lot of unburned skin left
Each time it happens though I wonder how that’s possible
How have I not burned it all away by now
And then the burn heals and all is well

I need to be wiser than the fire
Know it’s just fire
Just another element
Another experience
It doesn’t have to feel so dire

Everything always heals
The skin, the mind, the heart…

So when the F-stop blues come back in town
Let’s not get so down
All is ultimately well
No need to dwell

We have more light than we realize
A totally endless supply
Innately, intrinsically, inherently
Without even having to try
So no woman no cry
Everything’s gonna be alright