Alexa Dayn


Dirty Thirty

Today I turn 30
“Dirty 30”
Not sure why they call it that
Not sure why I’m writing or what I’m writing
But here I am
Sitting in my meditation chair
Writing, not meditating
Although writing can be slightly meditative
It’s been a while

Super eventful day
Grocery shopping, bank, watching TV
Smashing pumpkins
Ate way too much honey after lunch
Stomach looks distended
But it’s cool
Doesn’t freak me out like it used to
Everything is temporary
Except for change

Finally got some typography pieces uploaded to web site
Web site is fucking awesome
Not sure why I’m doing it really…
But it’s really satisfying so I’m going with it
I have to poop

Googled “dirty 30”
Apparently am supposed to become a nymphomaniac…
Nothing yet!
Although I wouldn’t mind having sex today

Not sure if Tim knows it’s my birthday
Not sure if Gabe remembers
Probably not on both counts
But it’s cool
It’s what is
All is well
All’s well that ends well
Does this end well?
Let’s find out

After all this time?