Alexa Dayn


Forest or Trees

Just when I think I’m out of the woods
Out of these dark fucking woods
Out of this dark fucking cycle
Just when I think I’m out
They pull me back in
It pulls me back in
Which feels like a quote from somewhere

Mars is bright tonight
That definitely is a quote from somewhere
Straight outta Hogwarts
The forbidden forest more specifically

It’s very bright and red tonight
And also currently in retrograde
A pretty rare six month long retrograde at that

My brain hurts
Life is a forest ultimately
I know I need to learn to be cool with that
Cool with the apparent lack of light
Stop fighting it
Just be with it
That’s the point
If there is a point

I guess there’s gotta be a break in the monotony
But Jesus when it rains how it pours

It fucking pours

But it’s a whole forest, not just the trees
A purpose, not just suffering
There’s a bigger fucking picture here
If we can see the forest for the trees

For the trees?
Through the trees?
Google says “for”...
I think I’m missing the forest again 🌲