Alexa Dayn


Giving Thanks

The giving of thanks
Thanks for where we are
Thanks for where we’re not
Thanks for where we’re going

What a year this has been
A disaster, some may say
But the system needed to break down
To rebuild in a better way
In a way that’s true and real
So humanity can heal
And not “heal” in the blue sense of the word —
Heal in the true sense of the word

All the corruption
All the unthinkable stuff that goes on behind closed doors
All the kids
All the lies
All the greed, the manipulation, the crimes...

Our lives have been hijacked for ages
Massively yet so damn subtly
They started it, but we continued it
Because we didn’t know it
Which was all by design

But what’s kind of amazing
Is that this is our time!
We’re taking our reality back
Taking our sovereignty back
Taking our power back
And we’re doing it not through a bloody war or fight
But through truth, love, keyboards, and light
The digital battlefield

This is the year we’ve all been waiting for
Whether we know it or not
Whether we’re content or distraught
Whether peace feels inevitable or a total fucking longshot
It’s all part of our collective journey
The “movie” of humanity
We’re at that part in the movie where all hope feels lost
Where we want to throw in the towel
How much more can we take?

But right after this darkest moment...
The music swells
The dawn emerges
And we become awake
Awake to all that’s been hidden
Awake to the full truth
Awake to our own power
And armed with that knowing…
We rise together

So on this day of giving thanks
This is my gratitude
I know all hope feels lost
I know the media says we’re screwed
But believe me when I say
This country is not going blue

And ultimately it’s not going red either
Temporarily red as a means to an end...
As a means to a beginning
A new beginning
A new system
Where all colors are welcome
All humans are truly sovereign and free
Not just appearing to be
What an epic time to be alive!

For the healing of mankind
We’re rising up from the fall
Leaving no one behind
Hearing the wake-up call...

Where we go one