Alexa Dayn


Let the Sunshine In

Darkness is just an absence of light
Sadness is just an absence of joy
More missing than absent really
Temporarily appearing to not be there
But really always there
Just waiting to be uncovered and accessed and expressed

Always fucking up
That feeling of always fucking up
Should have done this
Shouldn’t have done that
Feeling behind and wrong and fucked
That feeling
You know that feeling?

Underlying that feeling…
Is total light and joy and awesomeness
Sublime beauty and divinity and wholeness
Sounds cliche
But really
That stuff is always there
Just a little challenging to see at times
Often obscured by layers of fear and guilt and shame and fucked-up-ness
But it’s there
It’s always fucking there

One of the greatest challenges in life
Aside from starvation and oppression and poverty and all that
One of the greatest challenges is freeing oneself from… oneself

When the prison is self-inflicted, the damage can be brutal yet subtle
But the way out is so straightforward
Straightforward but quite subtle
Because the key is always there
We always have access to “the way out”
Because the way out is actually in
Thus always ultimately accessible

Often after so many years of difficulty and suffering
We think the way out of that has to be equally complex
But it’s not that cinematic or exciting
Which can trip us up

What it really is
What “the way out” really is
Is to just see the darkness for what it is — an absence of light
See the sadness for what it is — an absence of joy
See the prison of ongoing suffering for what it really is...
An absence of knowing that we are the creators of our own reality
That’s the key

Which triggers a lot of people
Because we’re obviously not consciously hurting ourselves
But growing up, we all have gone through shit
And the brain develops some pretty thorough ways to cope with said shit
So thorough that it pervades adulthood
Long after the source of trauma has ceased

Our brains were just doing their best
Subconsciously doing their best to survive
Surviving and coping, but ultimately imprisoning
Unintentionally imprisoning ourselves
In this seemingly inescapable, yet entirely self-inflicted, prison

So unfortunate, so unnecessary…
Yet here we are.

Unnecessary, unfortunate, but so simple to transcend
Not easy... but incredibly straightforward and simple
The prison evaporates when we no longer power it by believing in it
When we see a temporary absence of light instead of darkness
A temporary absence of joy instead of sadness
A temporary forgetting of our powerful creatorship instead of a mental prison

That’s all we needed to do?
After all these years?

Let the sunshine in!