Alexa Dayn


The Wheel

The wheel of life is spinning always
Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down
Sometimes we’re high, sometimes we’re low
When we’re high and happy we forget the low
When we’re low and sad we forget the high
Or maybe it’s just me?

Sometimes the wheel gets so so low
It can feel like all we know
And we start to forget how we ever felt high
We’ll even doubt its very existence
And wonder why we still try

And then the wheel spins again
As it always does
The high returns
We forget what the low even was
Yesterday’s pain we can’t comprehend
But eventually the wheel will spin again
And again
And again

That’s the way it goes
How life flows
With this endless supply of highs and lows

The way the brain interprets these cycles is funny
Like it’s all or nothing
No matter how many times the wheel turns
No matter how many highs follow each low
This temporary amnesia likes to take hold
And in that moment we think we’ll be low forever
Or we’ll remember past highs as less awesome and more icky
The brain can get really fucking tricky

Because the wheel always turns
Our subconscious can get up to some pretty crafty shit
But only if we let it
We’ve got to transcend it
Roll with it
Because when we do
We can see past feeling blue, or sad, or low
And know it’s all just part of the show
The show that is life

The wheel of life
Cyclical, reliable, eternal

Always shifting, always spinning
Sometimes losing, sometimes winning
Constantly, endlessly moving
Until time and space unite
So in the meantime…
Let’s hold the light
Hold the light and the knowing
That these cycles are temporary, yet ongoing

When we’re high may we embrace it
When we’re low may we see beyond it
And just be
We don’t need to take everything so damn seriously

So it goes
All the highs and lows
Let’s just flow