Alexa Dayn


Words Coming Through

Words of folly
Words of wisdom
Coming from within, deep within
Which is also to say without

That epic cosmic consciousness
More aware than we could ever fathom
Aware, accepting, and in tune with what is
One with what is
With what is, was, has been, and will be
Ever present
Permeating any walls or distortions

The pen is the instrument
The body is the conduit
Translating, conveying messages coming through
In varying degrees of distortion

But still, we try
We’ll always try
There is wisdom in the folly
Grace in the wisdom
Beauty in the grace
All that is

Expressing manifestations of itself in various ways
Writing, laughing, talking
Art, dance, song, yoga
All expressions of divine cosmic consciousness
Physical manifestations of what is beyond words
Beyond duality
Beyond current conscious awareness

Any manifestation within duality cannot encapsulate the allness
But any attempt is beautiful and perfect in itself

Rays of light beaming in intelligent infinity
Radiant, intelligent, beautiful, oh-so-knowing
Knowing that we try
Appreciating the effort
Smiling with understanding and awareness and grace

All is well
All is good
We see you, we feel you, we are you
And so it is.